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       On September 23rd ProAutoCare was blessed with a beautiful day for its’ Re-Grand Opening. The turnout was great and everybody had a good time. The purpose of the event was to let the citizens of Boise know that there is a business right in their backyard that provides an honest and fair service. The owner Greg Jarossy guarantees that his staff will treat every single customer with the highest level of care. Everyone in attendance represented the finest of Boise. Greg would like to personally thank the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, the Idaho BBB and the Boise Business Grotto Club. Greg would also like to extend his personal thanks to all of the friends, professional associations, suppliers and customers who showed up to provide encouragement. And a special thanks to Pastor Jeff Love of BridgePoint Church who’s congregation does so very much for the Boise community. From all of us, we love you Boise!


ProAutoCare 003


       On Saturday May 18th ProAutoCare was pleased to help some folks in need. Together with the help of BridgePoint Church, we all got together to help some ladies in need of free oil changes and to get their cars cleaned. This was a great way to give a little back to the local community. And it was a lot of fun. ProAutoCare would like to thank all of the members of BridgePoint Church who took time out of their Saturday to help in making this a very successful day. They all worked so hard and were happy to do so. Thanks again to everyone for your support!


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