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Every car makes noises, some are to be concerned about and others are normal everyday sounds. Below are some noises that should be checked out with your automotive technician.

Under The Hood Noises

  1. A rubber squealing- possible loose or worn serpentine belt, a/c compressor, power steering pump or water pump

  2. A growl or whine- possibility one of the car’s accessories is failing

  3. A groaning- power steering fluid is low

  4. A metallic clatter sound coming from inside the engine- possibly the engine valves are loose, or low level of oil

  5. A bubbling or gurgling sound- air is trapped inside one of the vehicle’s fluids (coolant)

  6. A hiss or whistle- a possible leak in a vacuum hose or the alternator is being stressed

  7. A flapping sound could state the serpentine belt is coming apart- Check Immediately!

  8. A clicking- possible indication that the valves are slightly loose from wear

Under The Car

  1. A clunking when the car shifts gears- possible transmission problem- when you put car in gear- possible U-joints worn out

  2. A rattling under the car-could be loose exhaust components or failed catalytic converter

  3. A whining when the car is moving- could mean worn gears in the drive line, or differential fluid needs to be replaced

  4. A ticking when you turn the car off- usually means the exhaust system cooling off

Tire & Suspension

  1. A knocking, clicking or groaning at about 40 mph – possibly a worn (CV) joint; if at low speeds and when turning- a wheel bearing could be failing

  2. A squeak from the suspension when going over a bump- usually means rubber bushings are worn or shocks or struts need to be inspected

  3. A clicking sound that changes frequencies at different speeds- possible foreign object stuck in a tire or lodged in between a wheel & brake or suspension component

  4. A howling at high speed- possible alignment problem, worn shock or strut


  1. A squeak or squeal usually when brake is applied- brakes may need replacing 

  2. A clunk- one or more brake components are loose- Immediate Attention is Needed!

  3. A grinding metal to metal noise- brakes pads worn out- Check Immediately!


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