greg-shop-0005We treat all our clients with respect, compassion, and honesty whether you are new or have been a regular client for years.

We will only recommend what is absolutely necessary for your vehicle and let you know what can wait.

We know how valuable your vehicle is and how unexpected repairs can arise in the most inconvenient times. At Pro Auto Care we have two specialized financing companies to help with these needs.

We believe that regular maintenance is key to a vehicles performance and longevity. If the maintenance or repairs are delayed, they can cause more serious issues that will cost more. Plus, it could eliminate your warranty.

We would prefer you coming in when you first notice a strange noise, than wait until something breaks, because safety could be an issue.

Estimates are given within the same day and are never different than what we quoted, unless an unforeseen problem is found once we have started work on your vehicle. If this happens, we will call you first and request permission before we do any other work other than what was originally quoted. Each repair will be explained in detail to its urgency.

We at Pro Auto Care guarantee our workmanship and our vendors guarantee their parts.

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